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TETRA covert radios purchased 7 March 2008

POLICE and customs officers on the Isle of Man will be the first to benefit from new covert TETRA radios.

The Department of Home Affairs is spending around £80,000 to purchase the newly developed handsets, which have been designed by Motorola in consultation with local police and customs officers who will use them.

The radios are around the size of a mobile phone and much more easily concealed during covert operations.

Home Affairs Minister Martyn Quayle MHK said:

‘The purchase of these radios demonstrates, once again, that the Department is keen to support the Constabulary and Customs with the equipment they need to carry out their frontline duties. We have a duty of care to officers to ensure the equipment issued is the best available and that their safety is not compromised during sensitive operations. The delivery of these new radios, scheduled for mid-July, will be another leap forward in terms of Island officers benefiting from the latest technology in the fight against crime.’

Robert Williamson, DHA Technical Director, added:

‘Isle of Man officers have been involved in the development and testing of these new radios for about a year and we will be leading the way by being the first to use them in local operations from summer 2008. The impact will be that, where currently officers use standard, bulkier radios, these are about the same size as a mobile phone and therefore much more easily concealed during covert operations. They have proved fully compatible with the Isle of Man Government’s TETRA network during tests.’

Chief Constable Mike Langdon welcomed the provision of the new radios.

He commented:

‘As we move ever further towards regular joint investigations with other agencies, compatibility of equipment is crucial, and this represents a significant step.’
  • TETRA (TErrestrial Trunked RAdio) forms a communications infrastructure across the Island that supports 21 user organisations across the Isle of Man Government. See the website for more information.

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