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Learn the Skills you Need - Motorfest 08 supports Young Driver campaign 17 March 2008

A day of special events will be dedicated to young drivers and important road skills during Motorfest 08, it has been confirmed.

The newly launched motoring festival will be held at Jurby from May 1 to 5, 2008. Organised by Duke Trackdays and partner Jurby-users, Motorfest 08 will be a chance for drivers and bikers to develop their skills in a controlled environment, with expert tuition and a wide range of activities.

Full details of the festival are yet to be confirmed, but the organisers can announce today – in support of the Department of Transport’s new campaign – that an entire day of Motorfest 08 will be devoted to younger drivers.

On Sunday, May 4, there will be a programme of events and activities at Jurby airfield aimed at introducing young drivers to some of the skills needed to be safer on the roads.

Many young people who have learned to drive in the Isle of Man will not have experienced motorway driving. During the day there will be an opportunity to drive on a simulated motorway section, alongside an expert.

Changing road conditions, unexpected obstacles and packing your mates into your car all affect the vehicle’s handling. As part of the Young Drivers’ Day, there will be a chance to experience a slalom course, test your skills in a skid situation and discover how your car’s handling changes when you’re carrying passengers.

Young drivers will have a chance to talk to the experts, including officials from the DoT Road Safety Unit, the emergency services and the Institute of Advanced Motorists, and experience some real speed strapped into rally cars on a specially constructed rally stage – alongside some talented drivers – and behind the wheel of some very special vehicles.

There will be a fee for some of the experiences, with a donation made to charity from each fee paid.

The day will also feature displays, demonstrations and much more.

Minister for Transport, Hon David Anderson MHK, said:

‘Following on from the successful launch of Young Driver 2008, I’m delighted that we are working with Duke towards the “Young Driver Track Day” as part of Motorfest 08.
‘The day will provide young drivers with the opportunity to experience new driving conditions and should prove to be as educational as it is entertaining.
‘We were delighted with the response from those drivers in the 16 to 25 age group who signed up for the campaign at the launch – it all bodes well for the track day at Jurby as part of Motorfest and the campaign as a whole.’

Duke Managing Director Peter Duke added:

‘We all have a role in ensuring new drivers have the skills they need to be safer on the roads, and I applaud the Department of Transport’s Young Driver campaign. We have been planning Motorfest for many months, but as soon as we heard about the DoT’s campaign we, and our fellow Jurby users, immediately decided to support the department’s aims by dedicating a day of the festival to younger drivers.’
‘We hope to give as many young drivers as possible a chance to experience just some of the situations they will encounter in their driving careers, and begin to learn some of the skills they will need through practical experience and expert tuition.’
‘Tragically, the first experience many young drivers will have of skidding, losing control of an overloaded car or encountering an unexpected obstacle will be on the road and will have disastrous consequences. By organising this day we hope their first experience of such conditions will be in a controlled environment where lessons can be learned instead of lives lost.’
‘We hope Young Driver Day at Motorfest 08 will begin to equip some of our young drivers with the knowledge they need, and will lead to more young driver training sessions in the future.’

Motorfest 08 will also feature track experiences, a straightlining event, industry displays, karting and more. Further details will be announced in the coming weeks.

More information about Motorfest 08 will be available from the Duke Trackdays website

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