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Taste Isle of Man - Quality Assured 14 April 2008

Taste Isle of Man, a new quality assessment scheme for restaurants, pubs, take aways and other eateries is being introduced on the Isle of Man. This comes following the huge success of similar schemes, operated by Taste Lancashire in the UK, which have already been highly acclaimed following coverage in the Times and Telegraph newspapers and several lifestyle magazines.

The scheme is based on a completely independent assessment taking place and provides the consumer with a clear indication of quality. Those who achieve the accreditation will be awarded a ‘Quality Assured’ or ‘Highest Quality Assured’ sign to display outside their premises.

A group of 30 food outlets have agreed to take part in a pilot of this scheme and assessments will commence during the next few weeks. The trained assessors will consider every aspect of the customer experience including cleanliness, hospitality, service, efficiency, presentation and food quality.

Tourism and Leisure Minister Adrian Earnshaw said:

‘We are all familiar with the star ratings for hotels and guest houses, which are designed to help visitors decide which accommodation will best suit their needs. In contrast, restaurants, pubs and other eateries can be chosen at random by customers and may not always prove to be the right choice for them. The Department of Tourism and Leisure recognises the importance of the food and drink industry to the Island and for this reason we felt it was time to introduce a scheme which provided a degree of reassurance to visitors planning their meal.
‘The Department of Tourism and Leisure is regularly asked to suggest or recommend dining options to tourists and currently we are unable to provide details due to impartiality of Government and the subjective nature of food. The award scheme is a great idea and will enable us to work alongside the eateries to help promote them to visitors and residents alike. It will also hopefully encourage all food outlets to raise standards and when customers see the ‘Quality Assured’ signs they can expect a certain level of service.’

For further information on Taste Isle of Man contact Julie Shorrock, DTL, Quality and Services Manager, on 687083.

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