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New £1,000 payment for former carers 11 April 2008

At this month’s sitting of Tynwald, the Minister for Health and Social Security will be seeking approval to the introduction of the Carer’s Bereavement Payment.

Hon W.E. Teare MHK, Minister for Health and Social Security, said

“I very much appreciate the invaluable contribution carers make in our society and am delighted that, subject to Tynwald approval, we will be able to provide more support to them at a particularly trying time.”

Juan Watterson MHK, Member with special responsibility for Social Security, said

“This new payment, together with the run-on of carer’s allowance, goes some way to recognising the sacrifices that full-time carers make for the sake of the less fortunate in our community. This extra money will hopefully help them through a difficult period.”

Originally announced by the Treasury Minister in his Budget speech in February, this new one-off payment of £1,000 will be available to a person on the death of a severely disabled person for whom they had been caring, if they do not qualify for the existing Bereavement Payment (payable to certain widows, widowers and surviving civil partners) for the same person.

To qualify for a carer’s bereavement payment a person must have been caring for a disabled person and receiving a carer’s allowance from the DHSS throughout the 12 months immediately prior to the disabled person’s death. However, recognising that in some cases a disabled person may have been admitted to a hospital or hospice just before they died and that payment of carer’s allowance to their carer may have ended as a result, any day on which the carer was not entitled to a carer’s allowance in the 8 weeks prior to the disabled person’s death will be ignored in determining whether or not they qualify for a carer’s bereavement payment.

Ordinarily, a claim for the carer’s bereavement payment will not be required – awards will be automatically made to those who qualify.

In addition to the lump-sum payment, a person may continue to receive carer’s allowance for up to 8 weeks following the death of the disabled person they had been caring for.

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