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Free fire safety visits 18 April 2008

THE Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service is stepping up its campaign to improve fire safety in the home.

Residents are being urged to take advantage of a free service aimed at reducing accident and risk.

A total of 15,000 leaflets promoting the fire safety visits were distributed to householders in Douglas earlier this month. Information was sent out with the annual rates as part of a joint initiative between the Fire Service and Douglas Corporation.

It is hoped that residents and business owners will take the opportunity to review safety measures such as smoke alarm maintenance and preparing a suitable escape plan.

Free fire visits are available to all residents across the Island and it is hoped the leaflet drop in Douglas will generate more appointments.

If the scheme proves successful it may be introduced in other districts in the future.

Chief Fire Officer Brian Draper said:

‘It is essential that people are aware of the potential fire risks in the home. ‘We are primarily focused on fire prevention and these visits will highlight any improvements that can be made towards creating a safer environment. ‘Assessments are carried out in a friendly and informative way. Officers are not there to be critical, they are there to help and pass on knowledge that could save lives.’

A free safety visit can be booked by calling the Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service on 647300.

Visits are scheduled by appointment only and conducted by firefighters from a householder’s local station. Officers who call are always in uniform, use an agreed password and show identification cards.

Assessments look at all aspects of fire risk within the home and firefighters will offer advice on areas such as smoke alarms, kitchen hazards, the safe disposal of smoking materials, candles, heaters, electric blankets and dangers posed by harmful substances.

Officers will also help householders to draw up an escape plan to prepare them in the event of a fire breaking out.




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