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Tynwald Backs New Agriculture Strategy 21 April 2008

This week, Tynwald voted unanimously to support the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry’s strategy for ‘Developing a reliable, sustainable, self-reliant Manx Agriculture’.

Minister for Agriculture, Phil Gawne MHK said: ‘I am delighted by this resounding support for the Department’s proposals, which are intended to help the industry to achieve a profitable future, whilst maintaining secure food supplies for the Island.’

‘Tynwald’s confirmation of the strategic objective to ensure that the Isle of Man retains a reliable, sustainable and self reliant food production industry capable of feeding the Manx nation with a diverse range of food products including our staple foods is an important step forwards.’

‘Whilst there was opposition from a few in the industry, the unanimous support of Tynwald reflects the massive consultation exercise which has been undertaken to get to this point and an acceptance that these proposals have the backing of the majority of the industry.

‘I am confident that many benefits will be generated for farmers and consumers as these proposals are implemented. A wider range of innovative products will be developed, food quality and value will continue to improve, and increased market returns will enhance farm business viability. A more vibrant, diverse, self-assured and sustainable rural community should develop through the improved ability for farmers to restructure and rejuvenate their businesses.

‘These proposals will ensure that farmers’ roles as custodians of our countryside and natural heritage will be enhanced leaving it better maintained and protected for the enjoyment of Manx residents and visitors alike.’

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