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OFT and licensees working together to ensure consumers get “A Full Pint” 21 May 2008

The Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading and the Licensing Forum are launching a campaign to assure consumers that when they ask for a pint in any pub on the Island that is what they will get.

The campaign entitled “A Full Pint” will be supported by posters in pubs and on licensed premises advising consumers of their right to a full measure. Posters are already being put up and staff are being reminded of the need to ensure a full measure is served.

Under the Weights and Measures Act 1989 Manx consumers are entitled to a full pint of liquid when ordering beer or cider. The IOM OFT monitor the actual volumes of beer or cider dispensed on licensed premises on the Island and the campaign represents the next step in the determination to ensure that all consumers get a fair pint. The Licensing Forum has agreed that it will ensure that anyone asking for a top-up of their under measure “pint” receives one. Should anyone remain dissatisfied with the volume of their “pint” after asking for a top-up they should contact the OFT on 686520. The OFT will be carrying out a review of this campaign in November.

A spokesman for the Licensing Industry said “The Industry was pleased that the OFT had provided the opportunity to it to work in partnership with them. Licensees are keen to ensure that customers receive the type of pint they wanted and the Industry was pleased that the OFT had agreed to allow a limited discretion to ensure customers could still have a pint with a head without the licensee being at risk of prosecution. The Industry also felt the approach to ensure all customers were satisfied by providing the right to a top-up, when being served, would ensure that customers could choose the type of pint they wanted for example a pint with a very small or normal head or a full pint of liquid. The Industry is keen to be involved in publicising the right to a top-up by using posters and signs to highlight the right on licensed premises and it is very much hoped that this will resolve any concerns the OFT has”.

Chairman of the Office of Fair Trading Quintin Gill MHK commented “I am very pleased that the Office and the licensed trade are committed to working together on behalf of consumers on this campaign. There are two key issues here. Firstly we want everyone to understand that the Manx law requires them to serve a full pint of liquid if that is what the customer wants. Secondly that customers who feel that they have been served a short pint or one with an excessive head should have no hesitation in asking for a top-up and should expect that this request will always be received and acceded to with good grace. We are keen to ensure that consumers receive what they pay for and the trade have confirmed they are supporting us all the way. If anyone has any concerns about the amount of beer they receive as a “pint” the OFT would be interested to hear about it.”

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