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Rocking Horse Time Capsule Winners Announced 23 May 2008

Abigail Sayle, Georgee Evans & Valentina Girier-PughManx National Heritage has selected the winners of their widely popular drawing competition, in which Island children vied to have their illustrations of mystical rocking horses stored in a unique time capsule.

Competition winners Abigail Sayle, Akira Livesey, Georgee Evans and Valentina Girier-Pugh will all have their winning entries preserved within a new rocking horse which will be handcrafted by Manx National Heritage’s Technician Kevin Kinnin.

The history of the rocking horse dates back to the Middle Ages in the form of wheeled horses on which knights would practice jousting and swordsmanship. The rocking horse emerged as a toy in the Victorian era, with European toymakers and woodcarvers building each horse with a compartment designed to store family heirlooms. It is in this traditional feature that the children’s drawings will be kept for many years to come!

Mrs. Lister, class teacher from Braddan School, which produced two of the winners, said:

“Class 1 and 2 L were studying Toys in the Past and the competition therefore became part of our topic. All of the children entered and some very good artwork was produced.”

The competition winners were invited to the Manx Museum to meet Kevin Kinnin and see examples of his carving, and to collect an additional prize in the form of a £10.00 voucher to the Heritage Shop.

The new rocking horse will be the ‘starring feature’ of the Toys & Games educational workshops held at the Manx Museum and attended by hundreds of school children each year who delight at the opportunity to experience the well loved toys of past generations.

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