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Social Services expanding community based services 3 June 2008

The Department of Health and Social Security recently announced that it would be realigning service provision to offer more flexibility in the community. This will better meet the needs and expectations of its clients. To that effect, the Department will expand the range and depth of services provided by the Domiciliary Care Service, including Home Care, Community Care and Dementia Care.

Hon. W.E. Teare MHK, Minister for Health and Social Security said,

“This realignment will lead to greatly enhanced community care provision, meeting the needs of more people and in their own homes.”

To achieve this, Glenside and Reayrt ny Baie Resource Centres in Douglas and Cummal Mooar Resource Centre in Ramsey will not be taking new long-stay admissions from Sunday 8th June 2008. This change does not affect any existing service users.

This will not affect Southlands Resource Centre, EMI services, Sweetbriar Unit in Glenside (which is an extra care unit) or short term care (respite) services. These will continue to operate as usual and this measure is part of a programme which will enable forms of respite and support to carers to be expanded.

Social Services will be temporarily increasing the number of short-term care beds and will work closely with people affected to offer flexible care packages, which will include working with our voluntary and independent sector partners. The Department appreciates that there may be some difficulties during the transition period.

As a result of these changes there will be increased need for staff to work in our Domiciliary Care services which will be recruiting more Home Care Assistants. People interested in entering a career in social care and applying should look up the Government Website, contact Job Centre and look in the local press.

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