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DHSS announces waiting list initiative for Ear, Nose and Throat surgery 10 June 2008

The Department of Health and Social Security has today announced that, following the grant of additional funds for further waiting lists by Tynwald last month, a Waiting List Initiative will soon commence in Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery (ENT).

Eddie Teare MHK, Minister for Health and Social Security said,

“I am delighted at the way in which our existing Waiting List Initiatives have progressed, the positive effect on waiting times for patients has been well received by all. I look forward to seeing the same results for patients awaiting Ear Nose or Throat treatment with the launch of this new Waiting List Initiative.”

The ENT Waiting List Initiative will see an additional ENT consultant commence work shortly and, in order to avoid increasing pressure on Theatre time at Noble’s Hospital, there are plans to send approximately 60 adult patients requiring tonsillectomies to the UK. This will enable tonsillectomy patients to be seen faster, without affecting the treatment of other ENT patients.

Currently, ENT has the longest waiting list at Noble’s with 606 patients waiting for treatment, 54 of whom have been waiting for more than 2 years - although urgent cases are still seen as a priority and patients are treated far more rapidly. The Ophthalmology and Orthopaedic Waiting list Initiatives have had an extremely positive effect on treatment waiting times for patients and it is hoped the new ENT Waiting List Initiative will produce a similar results.

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