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Slides and Examples from Financial Resources Training Sessions 1 July 2008

The slides and examples from the financial resources training sessions held on 24th June have been published today on the Commission’s website.

Although the new requirements will not come into effect for existing licenceholders until 1st January 2009, the Commission would encourage licenceholders to undertake the calculations in this intervening period in order to ensure that they understand the calculations and to satisfy themselves that they are able to comply with the requirements.

Should any licenceholders experience difficulties or have queries regarding with the requirements, they should contact their relationship manager as soon as possible.

The slides and examples can be found at:-

FSC Slides:

Extracts from the rule book:

KPMG Slides:

Examples and Answers:


Please contact -

Mrs Shirley E Corlett
Senior Adviser
Policy & Legal Division
Financial Supervision Commission
P O Box 58, Finch Hill House
Bucks Road, Douglas
Isle of Man IM99 1DT.

Direct Line: 01624 689323


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