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Lisbon Treaty would not alter Island's relationship with the EU 3 July 2008

THE Lisbon Treaty would not affect the Isle of Man’s relationship with the European Union, according to a report from the Constitutional and External Relations Committee of the Council of Ministers.

The report, for receipt at the July Tynwald, was produced in line with a resolution passed at the February sitting this year, since which time the future of the Treaty has become uncertain.

If the Treaty did go ahead, concludes the Committee, it would not alter the Island’s Protocol 3 legal relationship with the EU and would not extend the legislative authority of the EU or UK in relation to the Isle of Man. Nor would it affect the Island’s constitutional relationship with the UK or the Royal Assent and Royal Prerogative.

The report concludes that the Council of Ministers should continue to monitor EU developments and continue to explore options for closer ties with other bodies including the World Trade Organisation and the European Free Trade Area.

Chief Minister Tony Brown MHK commented:

‘The fate of the Lisbon Treaty is now very much in question following the Irish referendum last month, though the project might yet survive in one form or another. The report to Tynwald provides clear information on the implications for the Isle of Man if it does proceed.’

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