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Review of the Common Travel Area 24 July 2008

The Isle of Man Government has noted that proposals to strengthen the Common Travel Area (CTA) published today exclude fixed immigration controls between the Isle of Man and the United Kingdom.

In a foreword to a consultation paper from the UK Home Office, Minister for Borders and Immigration Liam Byrne MP states: ‘We are clear that we will not introduce fixed immigration controls on the land border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland or on traffic from the Crown Dependencies to the UK.’

The assurance follows a review of the CTA which has produced proposals to tighten immigration controls on traffic between the UK and the Republic of Ireland by 2014, which would also apply to traffic between the Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland.

The review of the CTA – which allows free movement of persons between the UK, Ireland and the Crown Dependencies – has been led by the UK and Irish Governments amid concerns that its provisions could be abused for the purposes of illegal immigration and other crime. The Isle of Man Government has been consulted as part of the review and will continue to represent the Island’s interests as proposals are finalised.

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