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Iran: Import and Export Controls 12 November 2008

The Treasury announces that from today imports into, and exports from, the European Community customs area (which includes the Isle of Man) by cargo aircraft and merchant vessels owned or controlled by -

  • Iran Air Cargo, or
  • the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line

will require pre-arrival and pre-departure advices.

This requirement is found in EU Council Regulation (EC) No. 1110/2008 and also applies in the UK and other Member States of the Community.

The advice must be submitted together with the import or export declaration to Customs and Excise, may be in writing and commercial documentation may be used. The advice must contain a declaration that the goods involved are being declared for the purposes of Regulation 1110/2008 and must also state if the goods are covered by Council Regulation (EC) No. 1334/2000 (which deals with the export of dual-use goods and technology).

Importers, exporters, agents etc are reminded that export licences may be required for certain goods sent to Iran, and that licences may also be required for shipments to Iran from other countries where these are arranged by an individual or body corporate in or from the Island (including activities conducted outside the Island by bodies corporate registered in the Island or British citizens or British protected persons normally resident in the Island).

For further information on sanctions and export controls please see the Customs and Excise website or contact the Sanctions Officer.

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