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Interest Rates for VAT, Customs Duties and Excise Duties 30 October 2008

The Treasury advises that the rates of interest on payments of VAT, customs duty and excise duty due to and from the Treasury are amended from 6 November 2008.

Interest Rates Payable to TreasuryPayable by Treasury
Excise duty (inc Air Passenger Duty)6.50%3.00%
Customs duties (exc Compensatory Interest, see below)6.50%3.00%

Compensatory Interest

This is payable to Treasury on diversions of goods imported under temporary import reliefs and which are to be retained in the Island or EU. This is set by the European Commission and is adjusted on a monthly basis, for the current rate please refer to the HM Revenue and Customs website or contact the Advice Centre at Customs and Excise (details below).


Interest rates on sums of VAT payable by Treasury change automatically according to a formula in the Value Added Tax (Interest Rate) Order 1998.

Interest rates on sums of customs and excise duties (except for Compensatory Interest) change automatically according to a similar formula in the Customs and Excise Duties (Interest Rate) Order 2000 and Air Passenger Duty (Interest Rate) Regulations 1998.

For further information, please contact the Advice Centre at the address below:

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