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1000th DLGE Assisted First Time Buyers Move In 28 October 2008

Andy Keelan and Caroline Casey are the 1000th buyers to benefit from a grant under DLGE’s House Purchase Assistance Scheme. They recently moved in to Reayrt Ny Keylley in Peel, having received DLGE’s help to buy their home.

Juan Watterson, DLGE Member with responsibility for Estates and Housing, said, ‘The 1000th home bought under the House Purchase Assistance Scheme is a special landmark for DLGE. It reaffirms our commitment to the Island’s young people. All those who’ve been involved over the last nine years should be congratulated on their part in this success. Government’s commitment to providing affordable homes for young families is as great now as ever.’

The House Purchase Assistance Scheme provides help for first time buyers on the Isle of Man. Many of those who get help are on the First Time Buyers Register, which helps determine the demand for first time buyer housing and the preferred location for new dwellings. Those registered are eligible for new ‘approved’ first time buyer homes, on approved developments undertaken by either DLGE or private developers. To get onto the register you need to satisfy the criteria, but you don’t have to be on it to get a grant to buy a property on the open market.

Caroline Casey, an accounts assistant, said, ‘It was great for Andy and I to be able to move into our own place. We’d both been living with our parents, so it’s brilliant to have enough space to do our own thing, though to be honest all I wanted to do after the move was sleep for a week! Without the help from DLGE we wouldn’t have been able to get a new home.’

Caroline’s partner, Andy Keelan, who works for Isle of Man Forestry, had been registered for a DLGE house on the First Time Buyers Register, but when the apartment came up in Peel the couple thought the opportunity too good to miss. ‘DLGE were great,’ said Andy, ‘we filled out the form and got approval in plenty of time for the sale to go through. With houses costing the price they do it’s difficult to get your foot on the property ladder, so we’re both very grateful that we’ve been given this chance to properly start our lives together.’

John Shimmin, DLGE Minister said, "The cost of housing on the Isle of Man has risen substantially over the last generation and without the House Purchase Assistance Scheme many Manx residents simply wouldn’t be able to buy a home. I’m very proud of this programme, and I’m exceptionally pleased that so many people have benefited from it since it was introduced. I hope Caroline and Andy will share many happy years together".

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