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Tynwald to fund home insulation for those most in need 22 October 2008

Tynwald today agreed to provide DLGE with £500,000 to insulate the homes of some of the Isle of Man’s most vulnerable citizens. The money will provide funds to provide loft and cavity wall insulation for pensioners receiving Income Supplement and families on Family Income Support.

DLGE Minister, John Shimmin, said,

‘Energy prices have risen rapidly in recent months. It’s important that we take action to help householders cut costs and stay warm. This money will deliver an essential programme of insulation that will help heat the homes of most vulnerable people on the Isle of Man. It will also save energy, increase our fuel security, and cut the need for imported fuel.’

Insulating a home is a particularly effective investment for Isle of Man Government, and can save £300 on the annual heating bill of an average household. An investment of £650 to insulate a home is made once, and the benefit is guaranteed over a life span of at least 25 years.

Mr Shimmin said,

‘Demand for DLGE’s current programme to assist with home insulation has been high. This new funding will ensure we can both meet the current demand and deliver fully subsidised insulation for the homes of those that need it most. This funding will be targeted to help the most vulnerable people on the Isle of Man. It will reduce individual fuel bills and reduce our dependence on imported fuel.’

DLGE has already fully insulated 1200 DLGE properties. A further 5000 Local Authority and Sheltered Housing properties will have been brought up to an acceptable standard of cavity wall and loft insulation by the end of next winter.

This programme is in response to ongoing work by a Group convened by the Chief Minister, consisting of the DLGE, DTI, DHSS and Treasury Ministers, to look at both short and long term solutions to rising fuel costs. Insulation will be delivered in the most straightforward manner possible. Eligible householders will be contacted by the DHSS who will let them know that they can claim free insulation this winter.

Mr Shimmin said,

‘Once the householder receives the form all they need to do is tick a box to say whether or not they want home insulation, sign it, and return it in a reply paid envelope. It couldn’t be simpler. This is a great example of a joined-up government working together to deliver a policy that will make a real difference to people in need.’

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