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Island's first kerbside recycling scheme kicks off 14 October 2008

The Isle of Man’s first kerbside recycling scheme was kicked-off at the Douglas Corporation's Ballacottier Headquarters, Isle of Man Business Park today. The scheme is being run as a partnership between DLGE, Douglas Corporation, Braddan and Onchan Commissioners.

The kerbside recycling scheme will be available in Douglas, Braddan and Onchan.

Dudley M W Butt, MLC, Member of the Department with responsibility for Waste Management, launched the scheme. He said,

‘It’s fantastic that we at last have a kerbside recycling scheme for the Isle of Man. It’s so important that as an Island we manage our waste effectively, ensuring that a bare minimum of rubbish reaches the Energy from Waste plant.
‘The reduce-reuse-recycle agenda is very important to us at DLGE, and this kerbside scheme is a key component in our recycling strategy. Experience elsewhere has proven that the convenience of kerbside collections increases both the number of people taking part in recycling and the amount of material recycled.
‘In the future we must also find ways of encouraging people to reduce the waste they produce in the first place, and to reuse and repair things rather than just throwing them away. I look forward to the success of this scheme.’

The event was attended by John Shimmin, DLGE Minister, Ken Kinrade, DLGE Chief Executive, Yvette Mellor, DLGE Deputy Chief Executive, as well as MHK’s from the constituent authorities and commissioners and officers from DLGE and the three Local Authorities, and Isle of Man Friends of the Earth.

John Shimmin, DLGE Minister, said,

‘Manx taxpayers have demanded kerbside recycling – and we have delivered. I’m pleased that we’ve moved forwards with this very important policy.
‘We’re a long way behind on the Isle of Man when it comes to recycling so I’m delighted this has happened now. Whether driven by good intentions, by rising fuel prices, or the depletion of world resources it is essential that together we look to the future and cut down our impact on the planet. Reducing, reusing and recycling waste form part of DLGE’s strategy for making the Isle of Man environmentally better.
‘I’m also particularly pleased to have been able to establish this scheme as a partnership with Douglas Corporation, Braddan and Onchan Commissioners. These areas contain nearly half of the Island’s resident population, so our continued co-operation will be crucial to the kerbside recycling scheme’s success.’

HOW WILL THE SCHEME WORK? This is the first phase in our recycling roll out. This phase will include over 14,800 households in Braddan, Onchan and Douglas. From November 3rd three kerbside recycling vehicles will collect newspapers and magazines, cans, aerosols, foil, glass, and plastic bottles from residents on a fortnightly round system.

Residents will receive two 55-litre recycling boxes with straightforward information (including a leaflet and collection calendar) in the weeks commencing 20th and 27th Oct. A blue recycling box and cover will be provided for newspapers, glossy magazines & junk mail. A green box & net will be provided for clean glass bottles & jars, clean food cans, drinks cans & foil and empty plastic bottles.

We will not be targeting flats at this stage as they are not suited to the use of kerbside boxes for operational reasons.

The next phase will include up to 1650 additional properties (e.g. blocks of flats). These properties will be assessed on an individual basis during 2009. It’s likely that these properties will be brought into the scheme through the use of localised ‘bring banks’ (e.g. 240L / 1100L wheelie bins or NODE recycling bins, like those currently to be found on Douglas Prom.

Over the next three years DLGE aims to identify funding to continue with the Douglas, Braddan and Onchan kerbside recycling scheme, and to fund expansion to other areas of the Isle of Man. A working group headed by Dudley Butt, MLC, has now been established to aid this process.

WHAT HAPPENS TO THE RECYCLING? Glass stays on the Island. It goes to Corlett’s quarry at Ballaharra, Peel, where it’s sorted, cleaned, and then crushed. The particles of crushed glass are then used as sand replacement: eco-sand. So, not only are we re-using our glass, but we are also conserving our Island’s natural aggregate resources by reducing the need to quarry new materials.

Cans are sent to the north west of England. Aluminium cans are processed and made into new, recycled cans, which are back on our supermarket shelves within 6 weeks of being placed into our local recycling banks. Steel is used for other recycled products.

All our newspaper, magazines, and junk mail are recycled at the UK’s largest paper recycling mill in North Wales and turned into huge rolls of recycled newsprint. This newsprint is then sold to newspaper groups, including Isle of Man Newspapers, who use it to produce our Courier, Manx Independent and Examiner newspapers, so the island is really ‘closing the loop’ on recycling.

Our plastics are sent to the north west of England for processing into plastic flakes. These flakes are the raw materials used to make a range of recycled plastic products including garden furniture and fleece jackets.


With the support of Tynwald, DLGE has been able to fund the £750,000 of capital costs needed to purchase three recycling vehicles, the recycling boxes and to provide consumer information about the scheme.

DLGE will also provide £350,000 to pay for staffing, training, fuel and other operational costs over the next three years. During this time consideration will be given to future funding arrangements and to the extension of kerbside collection to other parts of the Island as part of the development of an integrated system for managing the Island’s wastes.

A recycling telephone help line will be available on 696450.

More information about recycling on the Isle of Man can be found at:

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