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MEA & NSC Join forces to Offset Carbon Emissions 25 September 2008

The National Sports Centre, with help from the MEA have reported a 63% reduction in carbon emissions in the year ended 2008 as a result of tapping into waste heat from Pulrose Power Station.

MEA Chairman Quintin Gill MHK who is also a political member for the DTL with responsibility for the NSC said, “One of the main purposes of building the NSC in its current position was always the potential to obtain waste heat from Pulrose Power station in order to provide heating for the Complex including the swimming pools. Following some extremely hard work and dedication by DTL and MEA Engineers this facility became fully operational 24/7 within the last 12 months after a number of enhancements and has now shown a significant reduction in carbon emissions from 21% in 2007 to 63% in 2008. This is a first class example of two parts of Government working together and overall is going to help towards Government’s main CO2 emissions target. In addition, the facility has enabled the NSC to avoid price increases to its visitors.”

Note to Editors:

• In 2006/2007 the NSC emitted664 tonnes from its gas consumption

• In 2007/2008 the NSC omitted 243 tonnes from its gas consumption

• We have omitted 421 tonnes less than last year

• This equates to a 63% reduction of CO2 emissions

In addition to re-claiming the MEA waste heat the NSC makes energy savings through the following:

• Light sensors in the squash courts which switch the lights on and off automatically when someone steps on the courts

• Push button showers

• Push button taps

• Light invertors in the pool area- this reduces the voltage thus saving energy

• Energy saving light bulbs

For further information, please contact:

Alison Cottier

Manx Electricity Authority

Tel: 687798 Email: alison.cottier@mea.gov.im

Carl Glover

Centre Manager National Sports Centre

Tel: 688586 Email: carl.glover@nsc.dtl.gov.im

Notes to Editors:

Treasury Minister in his speech launching the Energy Initiatives Capital Fund (EICF):

“In support of our environmental objectives and to promote efficiency I will transfer £3 million into the newly created energy initiatives fund. Government, like any organisation, needs to effectively manage its energy costs and needs to consider the environmental impact of its operations. There is clearly a win/win scenario available in that by reducing costs and being more efficient, we also create environmental benefits.

This new fund will stimulate the realisation of some of these benefits by the provision of up front finance to enable departments to come forward for one off spending that will return financial benefits, which can be shared by the department and the fund. There will be a real financial and environmental incentive to act.”

• The EICF supports projects which target energy reduction, sustainability and general community benefits relating to energy efficiency.

• A key aim of the Isle of Man Energy Policy is to reduce the impact of our energy use on the environment.

Government has therefore woken up to leading by example and is now helping to improve the overall community effort to reduce CO2 emissions.

• The Isle of Man Government’s own target is to reduce its CO2 emissions by 20%. This applies to all government owned buildings (e.g. schools, government offices etc)

• During the first twelve months of the programme, the energy intensive buildings including the NSC have been subject to energy auditing and building improvements by their own staff to help reduce the carbon intensity of its activities.

Government, through the DOLGE completed a study during 2005/06 to assess the impacts of global climate change on the Isle of Man the predictions are expected to be:

o More hot summer days

o Less rain in the summer

o More rain in the winter

o More storm events

• The approximate total emission of CO2 due to the consumption of energy on the Isle of Man for 2005 was 386,875 tonnes

• The move from oil to natural gas electricity generation has resulted in a very significant reduction of carbon emission of some 40%

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