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Giant sports cage to visit the Isle of Man 17 November 2008

The Department of Tourism and Leisure in association with the British Youth for Christ charity will be showcasing a giant sports cage on the Isle of Man which has recently been touring the United Kingdom creating opportunities for young people to practice their football skills. Quintin Gill, MHK commented:

‘The cage has proven to be a successful method in initiating contact with many young people in various settings and can be set-up in any sports hall, playground, field or yard and any area of flat land within local housing estates.’

The cage instantly provides both a sporting arena and a focal point which encourages an exciting atmosphere for those taking part and for any spectators. At three metres in height, eight metres in diameter and oval shaped, the playing area is deliberately limited in size to force the requirement for skilful control of the ball. Games are very energetic and, although they are only two minutes long, usually prove to be very tiring for the players.

The cage will be open to the public to ‘come and try’ or just observe the cage in action at the Kensington Road Sports Ground, Douglas on Tuesday 25th November from 6.00pm – 8.30pm.

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