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Making a Manx Home for Wildlife 21 November 2008

There have been concerns over the continuing loss of wildlife habitat due to new housing developments across the Island and this led to the creation of a new leaflet entitled ‘Making a Manx home for wildlife’.

The leaflet was the idea of Dennis Blackwell of the Manx Bat Group and was produced in conjunction with Manx Birdlife, Wildflowers of Mann Project, Local moth recorders, Manx Butterfly Conservation and the Manx Wildlife Trust. It is hoped that the leaflet will help Island residents to create gardens that may help local wildlife thrive.

The leaflet gives practical advice on how to create and enhance your garden for birds, insects, frogs and bats. It gives easy practical suggestions that anyone with a garden, large or small, can undertake whether they are located in town or country. It focuses on the importance of biodiversity and the need to maintain a wide range of plants in your garden to attract a range of animals.

Minster for Agriculture, Phil Gawne MHK said: ‘Gardens are the unsung nature reserves of the Island, home to birds, butterflies, bats and bumble bees. This leaflet will help more people to discover the delights of sharing our gardens with our native wildlife’.

The cost of printing the leaflet has been funded by sponsorship from local companies including Clerical Medical International, Shoprite (Isle of Man) Ltd, Stewart Clague Services and TOTAL Isle of Man. The remaining funds were provided from the DAFF Wildlife and Conservation Grants Scheme.

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