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New alcohol awareness website is launched 25 November 2008

Launch of alcohol awareness websiteA NEW alcohol awareness website has been launched as part of the campaign to encourage people to drink more responsibly.

The interactive site is the latest initiative to be developed under the umbrella of the Chief Minister’s Drug and Alcohol Strategy. It targets one of the core objectives of promoting greater community responsibility towards alcohol use, particularly among young people. was officially unveiled by South Douglas MHK Bill Malarkey, the new political member at the Department of Home Affairs who has been tasked with supporting the work of Strategy. The website features sections on safer drinking, risky drinking and young drinkers and includes interactive tests aimed at dispelling some common myths about alcohol.

Those who log on will find a vast array of advice and information at their fingertips, such as -

• What is a 'unit' of alcohol?

• How much alcohol is too much?

• How many calories are in my favourite drink?

• What are the recommended safe limits?

• What are the risks of drinking more than this?

There is also a contacts link highlighting some of the strategy’s partner organisations who deal with issues of education, treatment and support and community safety.

Mr Malarkey said:

‘The consequences of alcohol and drug misuse cannot be overstated as they can have a devastating impact on not only the individual and the family members concerned, but also on the wider community. Working in conjunction with our numerous partner agencies, we are committed to raising the Manx public’s awareness and understanding of drink-related issues. This website forms an important part of the education programme and is aimed at reinforcing our key messages and encouraging people to drink in a safe and responsible manner.’

Strategy co-ordinator Margaret O’Reilly added:

‘Our aim is to help people of all ages to make a more informed choice about how much alcohol they are drinking and to prevent alcohol-related problems from occurring.’


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