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Regulatory Fees for 2009/10 5 December 2008

The Financial Supervision Commission (“the Commission”) has today issued a paper publishing the intended regulatory fees for licenceholders and collective investment schemes in 2009.

In line with previous years’ increases, the Commission will again increase the fees in line with inflation. In addition, the Commission intends that collective investment schemes which do not currently pay a fee will be charged an annual fee to cover the regulatory costs associated with that fund. Some types of scheme already pay an application and annual fee, so these proposals establish a level playing field across the funds industry and also move towards the Commission’s aim for fees to cover the cost of supervision.

The intended fees can be seen at Regulatory Fees for 2009/10.

Enquiries to: Mrs Nicola Igoea
Policy Officer - Policy & Legal Division
Financial Supervision Commission
PO Box 58
Finch Hill House
Bucks Road
Douglas IM99 1DT

Tel: (01624) 689379


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