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Manx Anglers Forum 5 December 2008

The first ever Manx Anglers Forum is to be held at Knockaloe on 11 December 2008. The event is being arranged by the Fisheries Division of the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry as an outcome from the successful Angler Customer Survey carried out by the Department in 2007. Responses to the survey indicated that anglers would like to improve communication links with the Department and become more involved in issues affecting angling on the Island.

The meeting in December will be chaired by Mr David Quirk, MHK, Member with responsibility for Fisheries, and will include a short presentation, a discussion on the membership of the Forum, followed by a question and answer session.

It is hoped that from this initial meeting a recognised Anglers Forum will be established, which will meet on a twice yearly basis. The aim of the Forum is for the Department to work together with local anglers for the overall improvement and development of all recreational angling opportunities and to promote the sport in the Isle of Man.

Mr Quirk said: ‘I am hoping for a good turnout of anglers on the night, especially those who may very rarely have contact with the Fisheries Division. This is their ideal opportunity to meet members of staff, discuss any issues of concern and find out more about the priorities, aims and targets of the Division.’

The meeting is open to all anglers and anyone wishing to attend should contact the Fisheries Division on 685837 for further details.

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