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Upper section of the Dhoon Glen Reopens 26 June 2009

The Forestry Division is pleased to be able to announce that the upper section of Dhoon Glen has been re-opened to the public. The section of the Glen upstream of the Dhoon Loop Road had to be closed due to torrential rains and flooding which caused landslips and paths to be washed away. Despite repairs being hampered over several seasons by access difficulties and further landslips, engineering is now in place and paths have been re-instated to allow this section of the Glen to be re-opened. Dhoon Glen Waterfall Inneen Vooar

Chairman of the Forestry Division, Brenda Cannell MHK said “Dhoon Glen is one of the most popular and spectacular of the National Glens and it is great to see the previously closed section re-opened for public use. Visitors can now walk the full length of the glen from the café to the beach once more”

The Glen follows the course of the Dhoon River for half a mile from the Dhoon Halt to the sea. It drops 600 ft to the beach through a steeply-sided tree-covered glen. The glen has one of the largest waterfalls in the Island ‘Inneen Vooar’ over which the river cascades, falling over 130 ft. in two drops. Paths meander under the dense canopy of trees in which ash, wych elm and alder dominate with significant numbers of sycamore, birch and mountain ash also present.

The Glen is very popular with visitors and whilst it is a reasonably strenuous walk to the beach and back, accessibility to the head of the glen is easy with parking by the main road at the Dhoon Corner, and stops for electric tram or bus. Refreshments and snacks are available at the top of the glen in the refreshment kiosk.

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