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Take a Tour of the History of the World 8 February 2010

This half term come and travel through time at the Manx Museum and hear how the Isle of Man influenced the history of the world.

The Museum Curators will be leading two tours a day during half term week of the objects in the Museum that were chosen to form part of the BBC project ‘A History of the World’. This unique project is a partnership between the BBC, the British Museum and museums up and down the country. Each of the 10 objects chosen to represent the Isle of Man has a unique and significant story that earned it a place in the Manx list. The objects have been on display since January but the tours give an opportunity to learn the extra facts and have the details pointed out by the experts. They will also give the chance to hear first hand why these objects were chosen by the curators at Manx National Heritage and the Leece Museum in Peel.

The 10 objects which were chosen to represent the Isle of Mans place in the History of the World are -

  • The Pagan Lady’s Necklace
  • Mike Hailwood’s Suzuki
  • Kirk Michael Viking Silver Hoard
  • Manx Language Wooden Crate
  • Peter Heywood’s Dirk
  • Vases from World War One
  • Archibald Knox Clock
  • Royal Marines Badge from HMS Racehorse
  • Thorwald’s Cross
  • Isle of Man Sword of State

Some of the objects can be found at other locations around the Island. The Leece Museum in Peel houses the Vases from World War One and is open daily. Thorwald’s Cross can be found at Andreas Church and a replica can be found at the Manx Museum. The original Sword of State is in Tynwald and the Manx Museum holds the Second Sword of State in its collections.

Allison Fox, Curator of Archaeology said ‘Every object in the museum collection has a story to tell but these 10 objects have a specific story to tell about the Manx place in world history. Myself and my fellow curators are looking forward to being able to share the details and intricacies of these very special objects. We also want to hear the feedback from the public on what they would have chosen to represent the Island’

Do you agree that the choice of the 10 Isle of Man objects sums up the Island’s place and influence in world history? Manx National Heritage would love to hear which objects you would choose to represent our history and why – or perhaps why some of the objects should not have been chosen. There is a comments box at the Manx Museum Reception. Tours commence from the Manx Museum Reception daily at 11am and 2pm from Monday the 15th February to the 19th February

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