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Boundary change to support work of Community Safety Partnership 17 February 2010

NEIGHBOURHOOD policing boundaries established in 2006 are being moved to support the work of the Douglas Community Safety Partnership.

Inspector Ken Kneale DCSPThe Partnership was established last May when Douglas Inspector Ken Kneale was appointed to the Town Hall role to co-ordinate the cross-government agency and local authority working in the Borough of Douglas.

Inspector Kneale explained:

‘The working partnership has now progressed to the point that community engagement and resourcing by the agencies within the partnership will be much more effectively co-ordinated by the alignment of the whole of the Borough of Douglas within the Douglas Neighbourhood Policing Team boundary.
‘Effectively that will bring the wards of Athol and Hills – mainly Willaston, Tromode, Saddlestone and Pulrose – within Douglas NPT, as opposed to Eastern NPT.
‘This will enable the Constabulary to appoint ward managers – police officers – to each of the Douglas Council wards, supplemented by Special Constables and community volunteers to address the issues of dedicated and accountable policing resources within a confined geographic area, effectively streamlining the process by which either police officers or the police and partner agencies working together can deal with key issues to the community within that ward area.
‘In the longer term what we’re looking at here is ensuring these ward managers become the visible and familiar public face of policing within those areas.’

The boundary changes will come into effect from April 1.

The role of the Douglas Community Safety Partnership (DCSP) in creating a cleaner, safer, greener Douglas was highlighted by Inspector Kneale in a presentation he made to members and officers of Douglas Borough Council, Douglas MHKs and representatives of other partner agencies on Wednesday (February 10).

Council Leader David Christian said:

‘The support for and success of the Douglas Community Safety Partnership is clear evidence that we are not paying mere lip service to the Cleaner, Safer, Greener charter. Indeed, Douglas Borough Council was the first local authority on the Island to enter into such an undertaking. Moreover, while local authorities in the UK have a statutory duty to work with other local agencies and organisations within a community safety framework, this is not obligatory in the Isle of Man. However, as a responsible local authority we elected to enter into this partnership voluntarily.
‘There is a very real commitment by all partner agencies to work together for the benefit of the people of Douglas. I am confident that consolidation of the Douglas neighbourhood policing team manned by community-based officers, combined with Inspector Kneale now being based at Douglas Town Hall will lead to closer supervision and prompt resolution of local issues.
‘Engaging in this partnership does come at a cost to the Council, but it is an investment in quality of life which is already delivering measurable results.’

Inspector Kneale anticipates a number of Partnership initiatives will be coming to fruition in the near future.

He commented:

‘One example of the benefit of a close working partnership has been the opening of Cafe Laare, the Department of Education’s youth facility in Lord Street. Partnership members were made aware that maintaining rest facilities for bus drivers on the premises would restrict the size of the youth cafe. Thanks to collaboration by the Partnership, the final outcome was to provide access to rest facilities for the bus drivers at Lord Street Police Station and that enabled the development to maximise the available floor space and therefore the number of young people able to access the cafe.
‘We are busy working on many other initiatives including reducing litter, anti-social behaviour and vandalism, parking and transport issues, and announcements on these will be made in due course.'

The proposal to set up the DCSP was put forward three years ago by Douglas Borough Council. The Council then went on to lead the partnership’s development when the local authority became one of the first signatories to the Cleaner, Safer, Greener charter in February 2008, to be joined by the Douglas Development Partnership, the Department of Local Government and the Environment, the Department of Transport, the Department of Tourism and Leisure, the Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service and Isle of Man Constabulary. The vision of the Douglas charter was the genuine involvement of all interested parties in creating a cleaner, safer, greener Douglas.

Inspector Kneale said the DCSP’s aim was ‘to continually improve the quality of life in the Borough of Douglas’ through all signatories to the charter working together to ‘create quality spaces for a proud and positive Douglas’.

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