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98% of in-patients satisfied with care at Noble’s Hospital 6 September 2010

98% of in-patients are satisfied with the level of care provided to them at Noble’s Hospital; that’s the result of a recent survey carried out by the hospital’s Patient Safety and Quality Forum.Patient Safety

Noble’s Hospital’s Patient Safety and Quality Forum, which was established in 2007 and consists of a group of 8 hospital and 8 patient/public representatives, commissioned the survey as part of its ongoing work to promote further excellence in patient care and to entrench public involvement in service provision and development.

The satisfaction survey was conducted between 1st August 2009 to 31st March 2010, during which time survey booklets were handed to patients as they were discharged from Noble’s Hospital. The sample group was made up of a total of 6,907 in-patients who were discharged during that time. A total number of 638 survey booklets were returned which represents 9% of the survey sample; a good response for a reply by post survey.

The key objective of the survey was to listen to patients, celebrate areas of good practice and develop action plans to ensure that sustained improvements are implemented where patients felt less than wholly satisfied with their experience of Noble’s Hospital.

The survey focused on key performance indicators for in-patient services and explored aspects that are important to patients during their hospital stay, such as:

  • The admission procedures

  • Waiting times

  • Cleanliness

  • Food quality and choices

  • Ward facilities and environment

  • How involved patients felt in decisions about their treatment and care;

  • The effectiveness of communication with the doctors and nurses and discharge planning.

Overall the Patient Safety and Quality Forum were very encouraged by the responses received, with 98% of respondents rating their care whilst in Noble’s Hospital as good, very good or excellent, with comments such as :

  • All nursing staff and Doctors were extremely caring and happy people and I felt very safe in their care.”
  • “This is the best hospital I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.”
  • “I would have no hesitation what so ever of being admitted to Noble’s Hospital again.”

The Minister for Health, Mr David Anderson, MHK said

“I would like to thank the Patient Safety and Quality Forum at Noble’s Hospital for undertaking this quite substantial piece of work. I think the staff at Noble’s Hospital can be very proud of the results. Whilst I recognise that we don’t always get everything right for every patient and their family, these survey results show that the majority of patients are happy with the care they receive at Noble’s, which I’m delighted with.”

However, a small number of patients did state that noise at night both by patients and staff was a problem for them. Food quality was generally rated as very good and the majority of respondents reported being happy with the choices offered, however 1.2% (8 respondents) stated that they did not get enough help when eating their meals and this is something that the Forum would like to follow up and look at. The greatest concern raised by patients was in relation to the planning of their discharge from hospital, with 30% of patients stating that their discharge was delayed for one reason or another. Overall, 92% of patients said that they would have no reason to complain about the care that they received at Noble’s Hospital.

Areas where improvements have been identified consist of patient inclusion in decision-making about their treatment and care, communication and planning and arrangements for discharge home from hospital.

The Minister’s sentiments were echoed by Mr Stephen Upsdell, Medical Director, who thanked the members of the public and staff members who sit on the Patient Safety and Quality Forum for their hard work and commitment in helping the hospital to complete the satisfaction survey. Mr Upsdell confirmed that,

“Following on from this, we will now undertake a significant project to improve the discharge planning from Noble’s Hospital, which seems to be our greatest area for development according to the patients.”

Mrs Janet Bailey, Public Representative on the Patient Safety and Quality Forum stated

“We developed the survey to take into account all aspects of the patient’s journey from admission to discharge, with the objective of gaining a transparent overview of the patient’s experiences and perceptions of their care. Whilst we are delighted with such a large percentage of patients rating their care so highly, we are not complacent and recognise that for some patients aspects of their journey did not always meet their expectations. We take this feedback very seriously and have studied the findings very carefully. As a result we have developed an action plan and with the support of the Clinical Governance Committee will be feeding this back to staff and supporting them to implement sustainable improvements in care delivered to patients.”

Feedback is always welcomed from patients and the appropriate leaflet can be found throughout Noble’s Hospital.

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