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Department of Community, Culture and Leisure announces future of Summerland site 30 September 2010

The Department of Community, Culture and Leisure has decided that the Summerland site will be offered for sale.

The site, on King Edward Road, Douglas, has been largely unused since the demolition of the former Aquadrome/Summerland complex. The former Department of Tourism and Leisure sought bids from private sector partners for the development of the site on the basis that the majority use would be for hotel and leisure purposes. Negotiations with the winning tenderer were ultimately unsuccessful.

The Department of Community, Culture and Leisure made a further attempt to find a private sector partner in April 2010, with advertisements placed in both local and UK press. The Department also offered its adjacent Derby Castle site for redevelopment if a developer could incorporate suitable arrangements for the Manx Electric Railway maintenance facility within the overall plans.

Only one tender was submitted, by GB Building Solutions in association with Springham Limited. The Minister for Community, Culture and Leisure, Hon D C Cretney MHK, commented:

“I am very grateful to GB Building Solutions in association with Springham Ltd for preparing submissions for the site and for taking the trouble to not only present their suggestions to us but to revise them in the light of detailed discussions. Ultimately, the Department has had to make a decision as to whether the proposed hotel and leisure facilities incorporated into the suggested scheme offer value for money. In the current financial circumstances, the Department has decided that value for money can best be achieved by disposing of the site on the open market without restriction. In order to maximise this value, the Department will be seeking outline planning permission for residential use”.

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