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Future of Summerland Site 5 October 2010

Joint Statement by GB Building Solutions, Springham Ltd and the Department of Community, Culture and Leisure

The Department of Community, Culture and Leisure has agreed to consider a revised bid for the Summerland site.

Representatives of the most recent tenderer for the site, GB Building Solutions in association with Springham Limited, met the Minister for Community, Culture and Leisure, Hon D C Cretney MHK, on 4th October to review the reasons why the Department had been unable to recommend their scheme for approval by the Council of Ministers.

The Minister commented:

“I am pleased GB Building Solutions in association with Springham Ltd listened to our concerns and that they then suggested a range of possible options for the future. They have agreed to come back to us in a week; I have agreed to defer the planned planning application. We will meet again very soon in an attempt to find an outcome that allows us all to achieve value for money and improved leisure facilities for locals and visitors.”

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