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The Department of Social Care and St Christopher’s (Isle of Man) work to ensure resources are focussed on changing needs 18 March 2011

The Department of Social Care has been working in partnership with St Christopher’s (Isle of Man) to provide a range of children’s services and a residential service for three young adults at Thie Gennal in Surby.

The Department has been identifying opportunities of making best use of limited resources, particularly in view of the current financial climate and the increasing demand for services. As a result the Department has identified that services for adults with a learning disability can be re-structured to provide both increased provision and better value. As a result the home at Thie Gennal accommodating 3 residents will be de-commissioned on 1st September 2011. The Department and St Christopher’s will jointly work alongside the service users themselves, their families and the staff support teams to identify appropriate placements for the three residents elsewhere in existing services and enable a smooth transition. This will also release resources to support new and enhanced services to support more people with disabilities in the community.

St Christopher’s, together with Department of Social Care, will be making every effort to find suitable alternative employment for the members of staff affected by the decision during the six months ‘lead in’ time up to 1 September.

St Christopher’s Chief Executive, Jonathan Farrow, said:

“St Christopher's (Isle of Man) has been pleased to work with the Department of Social Care to provide the best possible care and support service for the three individuals who have made their home at Thie Gennal over the last few years. Together we will work to ensure a smooth transition to their new homes, so that they continue to receive quality care.”

Minister for Social Care Hon Martyn Quayle, MHK commented:

“We would like to thank the team at St Christopher’s for providing an excellent service and care to the 3 individuals at Thie Gennal over recent years, and we will continue to work in partnership with them in providing services on the Island. The residents at Thie Gennal will have an alternative choice of the Department’s existing community homes that will suit their needs, some of which are closer to their families. This change will also enable the Department to prioritise funds to enable further investment in and development of other services for people with learning disabilities and autism."

Mr Bill Malarkey MHK added:

“This is part of Social Services intention to provide as diverse a range of services as possible because every individual person is unique. We want to try to meet their individual needs in as cost effective a way as possible, and to help them to gain greater independence”

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