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A1 Speed Management Review 11 July 2011

The A1 between Peel and Douglas has been recently been reviewed and a proposed scheme has been prepared in line with the Departments “Speed Management Policy Review” recommendations.

The purpose of the Speed Management Policy Review was to develop an all island speed policy with the objective of providing a decision making framework allowing for a consistent application of speed limits taking into account both the classification of the road and the road environment.

The A1 is a strategic route that carries all classes of vehicles and gives priority to through traffic so that traffic does not attempt to divert to less appropriate routes.

However the Department recognises that it must balance key safety objectives such as, access to services and attractions allowing all road users to leave and re join the carriageway safely with the need for facilitating opportunities for safe overtaking so that slower and faster vehicles may be accommodated together.

The current review has involved obtaining speed data and personal injury accident history for the length of A1, which has been considered along with the nature of the road and the amount of frontage development in determining the most appropriate speed limit for each section of the route.

The proposed changes to the speed limit traffic regulation orders on the A1 will be advertised this month.

The main proposals will see the:

  • Reduction in the length of 30mph speed limits which currently extend unnecessarily beyond built up areas.
  • Introduction of, where the road environment allows, 40mph speed limit buffer zones on the approach to built up areas to allow traffic an opportunity to begin to slow down when approaching a 30mph section.
  • Introduction of ‘Gateway signing’ to alert approaching drivers on the approach to built up areas. The message to drivers needs to be that they are about to enter an environment which differs from the open road and they should reduce their speed accordingly.

Traffic signs and road marking have also been reviewed; it is proposed to improve traffic signs and road markings so as to make them clear and consistent along the route.

In addition, old or redundant signing will be removed to reduce clutter. The proposals have also taken into account the use of the A1 during the TT and MGP.

Pre consultation has been undertaken with the Commissioners and Police and their comments have been considered while drawing up the final proposals.

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