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Find Your Inner Artist at Art Workshops at the Manx Museum 20 July 2011

Manx National Heritage and the Isle of Man Arts Council invite you to find your inner artist at a week-long series of illustration workshops with Manx artist and illustrator, Juan Moore.

The workshops take place every day between 25 July and 29 July 2011 at the Manx Museum in Douglas and form part of a special programme of events associated with Juan Moore’s current exhibition ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’ which has recently opened at the Manx Museum.

‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’ is part of a year-long art project funded by the Isle of Man Arts Council. The project involved a series of art exhibitions staged at unusual venues including a fish restaurant, a wine bar, the Villa Marina arcade, and an empty shop unit, culminating in the final exhibition at the Manx Museum.

Quintin Gill MHK, Chairman of the Isle of Man Arts Council said:

“The Arts Council strives to support and promote excellence in the arts on the Isle of Man. Welcome to the Neighbourhood embodies that ethic and at the same time pushes the boundaries of people’s expectations. We are very proud to have supported Juan Moore in this project.”

Juan MooreTo coincide with this fantastic exhibition, Juan Moore is hosting illustration workshops at the Manx Museum from Monday 25th July until Friday 29th July. There will be 2 sessions each day starting at 10.30am and 1pm and lasting for one and a half hours. The workshops are aimed at adults and young people, aged 14 and above, and are intended to give people an idea of how they can be creative and put their own ideas and thoughts down on paper.

Juan Moore, the artist, said:

“True art begins with an idea, but how do you get the idea? This workshop is all about generating ideas and the process of converting that idea into an image. Illustration is all about communication and these workshops are all about being creative with the presentation of an idea”.

On Saturday 30th July there will be a live art event staged in the exhibition gallery, entitled ‘Juan Moore & Friends’, where Juan Moore and fellow artists, Nicola Dixon, Thomas Egan and Adam Berry will create a work of art live in front of visitors to the Manx Museum.

Juan Moore continued:

“It will be a real treat for the public to be able to watch four of the Island’s leading artists produce an art work before their very eyes, particularly as every artist is different, all our approaches and techniques are different, as are the materials they use”.

Anthea Young Education Services Officer said:

“A key theme in each of Juan’s paintings and exhibitions is the experience of self expression, whilst challenging predetermined ideas of, what art is and who is art for? Increasing access to the creative arts through a diverse range of influences and facilitated by Juan’s enthusiasm and expertise, is a project Manx National Heritage has been delighted to be part of”.

The final event in the ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’ programme is a second opportunity to attend ‘Watching Paint Dry’, an illustrated art lecture with Juan Moore at the Manx Museum on the final day of the exhibition, Saturday 13th August 2011.

Tickets are available from the Manx Museum Shop priced at £8 for the illustration workshop and £3 for the illustrative lecture. The ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’ exhibition is on display at the Manx Museum until Saturday 13th August and entrance is free of charge.

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