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Final Chance to see the ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’ Exhibition 29 July 2011

Juan Moore at the exhibition openingAfter a full and exciting year, the final part of the ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’ art project by the artist, Juan Moore, will be closing at the Manx Museum on Saturday 13th August. This will be the last chance that visitors will have to see the one hundred artworks that Juan Moore has created during the year-long project. Funded by the Isle of Man Arts Council, the project has allowed people to see art in a variety of unusual places including as a wine bar and a fish restaurant.

Quintin Gill MHK, Chairman of the Arts Council said:

“On behalf of the Isle of Man Arts Council I am delighted to see such a successful culmination to this project and a fitting end to all of Juan’s hard work. The exhibition looks fantastic at the Manx Museum and we are very grateful to our colleagues at Manx National Heritage for working so closely together with us on this.”

The ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’ art project has culminated in an exhibition of all the artwork staged at the Manx Museum. This has been accompanied by a programme of illustrated lectures, workshops by the artist and a live art event in the gallery itself.

Yvonne Cresswell, Curator of Social History said:

“Not only have people had the opportunity to see and engage with art in some unexpected places over this year, they have also been able to meet the artist himself and learn more about him and his artwork and discover how they can be creative themselves. It is important for people to realise that we all have the potential to be creative and have things that we want, and can express through artwork.“

“Juan’s artwork is very approachable and I have been pleased at how many people have enjoyed it and found things that they can relate to and appreciate on a personal level.”

Juan Moore 'Watching Paint Dry'Although the last day of the exhibition is Saturday 13th August, the associated programme of events continues to the very end with the final ‘Watching Paint Dry‘ illustrated lecture by Juan Moore taking place at the Manx Museum at 2pm on Saturday 13th August. The illustrated lectures have been extremely successful and greatly enjoyed by all who have attended as Juan proceeded to simultaneously talk about his artistic career as an illustrator and also paint one of his highly distinctive illustrations while explaining his painting technique and style.

The lecture is a virtuoso performance of interest to both practising (and aspiring) artists and those who want to learn more about Juan Moore and the influences behind his work. Juan has given the lecture twice in recent weeks and each time created a new work of art, with a new story or idea to tell about each artwork.

Juan Moore explains:

“I think it is interesting to see what inspires someone’s artwork and that’s what the lecture is about really; the stuff that has inspired me, from childhood to now everything from kids TV in the 80s right the way through surrealism to digital artwork produced today, it’s all left its mark on me and my work. The really exciting part is doing a painting from scratch in front of an audience, it’s fun because people can see the image form right in front of them and of course there is always the chance I could mess it up.”

Visitors can see a new work created before their very eyes on Saturday 13th August at 2pm at the Manx Museum. Tickets for the illustrated lecture cost £3 and are available from the Manx Museum Heritage Shop.

The ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’ exhibition is on display until Saturday 13th August and entrance is free of charge, showing at the Manx Museum, open Mon – Sat 10am to 5pm.

Exhibition and events visitor reviews;

‘This was great - seriously recommend that you go to the next one on 13/08 @ manx museum.’ Sally Hardman on ‘Watching Paint Dry’
‘Thought provoking’ Pat Daniel on ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’
‘Beautiful ideas, inspirational’ Grace on ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’
‘Odd but great’ Molly, Alice, Susan and Gemma on ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’
‘We've been and it's very inspiring and worthwhile - thanks Juan.’ Kerstin Sheridan on the Illustration Workshops

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