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Oseberg Viking Ship 13 September 2011

Viking Ship model presentationManx National Heritage is delighted to receive the gift of a model Oseberg Viking ship, which was originally commissioned by the Dubai Manx Society as the trophy for their annual Viking longboat races. The model ship was presented to MNH by the Dubai Manx Society to celebrate the centenary of the World Manx Association.

The original Oseberg ship was excavated in 1904, from the banks of the Oslo Fjord in Norway, by Norwegian archaeologist Haakon Shetelig and Swedish archaeologist Professor Gabriel Gustafson. The excavation revealed an oak ship fully laden with a four wheel cart, four sledges, horse gear, chests, textiles, tools and equipment for agriculture and needlework, a tent, beds, as well as much more.

The ship was a river barge found with the remains of two females and a large number of high status grave goods, and was dated to c.800 AD. The remains of the original Oseberg Viking ship are on display in Oslo, Norway and are still regarded as some of the most remarkable Viking artefacts found in situ to date.

Anthea Young, Education Services Officer for Manx National Heritage said,

“We are thrilled to receive this beautifully crafted model Viking ship, for future learning and enjoyment for the Manx community.”

Representatives of the W.M.A. were present at the hand over. President Peter Kelly, said,

“It is a most appropriate thing for the Dubai Manx Society to do, as it follows a long tradition of Manx Societies across the world providing commemorative items for the people of the Isle of Man.”

Past examples include medals, which were provided by the Manchester Manx Society, for the crew of the Peel fishing boat 'Wanderer' who saved so many lives from the sinking Lusitania. The Transvaal Shield and Cleveland Medal were given to The Guild; and the North American Manx Association make presentations to young people each year, on the day after the Tynwald Ceremony.

Gil Costain-Salway, President of the Dubai Manx Society said,

“We are delighted to present this Oseberg model to Manx National Heritage as a permanent commemoration of the centenary of the World Manx Association.”

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