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Christmas Classic Film Weekend: Santa Claus The Movie (Cert U) 16 November 2011

Santa Claus The Movie

Santa Claus: The Movie explores the mysteries of Santa Claus with the key objective being to answer some of the basic questions many children have about the Santa Claus mythos, such as how Santa's reindeer fly, how he and his wife made it to the North Pole, how Santa ascends chimneys, among other things.

The film chronicles the origins of Claus a fourteenth century woodcutter, who, along with his wife Anya, goes from being a simple working man to becoming the international icon of Christmas. At the same time, the film also tells a contemporary story in which one of Santa's elves, a visionary named Patch, sets out to employ Santa's toymaking methods on his own, unaware that he might be ruining the magic of Christmas in the process.

Beloved all over the world by adults and children alike since its release in 1985, the Broadway Cinema have been very fortunate in obtaining the last original 35mm print of this film in the British Isles.

Screening Times

13:00: Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th December

Booking Information

Broadway Cinema
All Tickets: £3.50
Certificate: U
Running Time: 1 hours 47 minutes (Approx)

To book call (01624) 600555

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