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Patient safety at the forefront of care at Noble’s Hospital 11 November 2011

Patient Safety First logoNoble’s Hospital was pleased to recently be involved in National Patient Safety Week, an important initiative that aims to raise awareness of issues related to patient safety and each individual’s role in keeping patients safe whilst in hospital.

The week-long campaign showcased a number of initiatives and activities throughout Noble’s Hospital, aimed specifically at increasing and promoting patient safety. Some of these activities included:

  • A hand hygiene station and demonstration in the main foyer;
  • A demonstration of SimMan, a computer-controlled simulated manikin which can be programmed to mimic a variety of patients’ conditions. This provides staff with the opportunity to learn how to deal with emergencies and urgent clinical issues in order to be better prepared on the wards;
  • Patient safety walks undertaken in clinical areas by the Chief Executive and other senior staff. This is an initiative whereby senior staff and, where appropriate, patient / public representatives visit clinical areas to ‘see them with new eyes’ and address any issues which might otherwise compromise patient safety;
  • A variety of display boards in various locations around the hospital;
  • Daily ‘patient safety tips’ from fellow staff members, which were circulated to all staff during the week;
  • Analysis of reported safety incidents or potential incidents in order that the team at Noble’s Hospital can learn lessons and promote future safety. This is especially important in the case of ‘near miss’ reports because it allows the hospital to proactively take steps to avoid any incidents or harm actually occurring.

Patient Safety WeekDavid Killip, Chief Executive, Department of Health, who officially opened the week, said

“Patient safety is of the utmost importance and I was delighted to take part in Noble’s Hospital Patient Safety Week, and to see the tremendous initiatives which staff have been involved in to ensure patients in our care remain both comfortable and safe.”

Bev Critchlow, Director of Nursing, Midwifery and Therapies, commented

“I am so proud to see all of the terrific initiatives that our staff have developed. It really shows how patient safety is at the forefront of their minds and shows how importantly we as healthcare professionals view patient safety.”

Lynn Reid, Senior Sister in Theatres said, on behalf of the Theatres Cell Salvage Team which has implemented a new patient safety initiative,

“In the operating theatres at Noble’s Hospital, patient safety is our highest priority. A number of initiatives have recently been introduced in an attempt to improve patient safety, while at the same time, aiming to conserve resources and provide better value for money. Amongst these, the technique of ‘Autologous Cell Salvage’ deserves mention.

“During operations where significant bleeding occurs, we can collect, wash and return lost blood back to the patient. This technique has been in regular use in major UK centres for several years. However, recent advances in design of ‘Cell Salvage’ devices has made their use feasible outside these major centres.

“Thanks to ‘Cell Salvage’ many patients who are given back their own blood can avoid a transfusion of donated or ‘Bank’ blood. This avoids the small but significant risks of blood transfusion reaction and transmission of disease. Preservation of stocks of bank blood which is a very expensive and increasingly rare resource is another major advantage. The technique of ‘Cell Salvage’ is also seen as an acceptable alternative by some who refuse the transfusion of bank blood for religious reasons.”

Keren Wormwell, Acting Senior Nurse in the Medical Division, said

“Patient Safety Week demonstrates the high priority the organisation gives to patient safety and facilitates the easy sharing of small ideas that make big differences across the whole hospital.”

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