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Ongoing Development of Food Park is good news 1 February 2013

The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture has confirmed that the continuing development of the Isle of Man Food Park in Peel, of benefit to Peel and the Isle of Man community as a whole, remains on schedule. Work to develop the site has been ongoing for a number of months, with the first stage including the erection of security fencing and the creation of the “Hub” intended to facilitate administration and meetings associated with the functions of the Food Park.

The initial work has now been completed. A combination of public and private funding will see the next stage of development which will include major infrastructure improvements such as power and drainage and the building of new processing units creating up to 80 new jobs. It is envisaged that the programme of additional joint funding will see the creation of further business opportunities within the site and the creation of a further 70 jobs next year.

Minister for the Department, Phil Gawne MHK said “The ongoing regeneration of the Food Park can only be of benefit to Peel and the Isle of Man as a whole. The combination of Government and private sector investment is not only creating jobs but is helping food processors to meet the exacting and high level of standards of production for the producers’ main customers, most of whom are in mainland Europe. This, in turn, makes the product more attractive to even more customers, increasing turnover as we open up more export markets. Our seafood processors worked together before Christmas week to export the biggest single pack out of queenies the Island has yet seen, with employment in one processor peaking at 185 jobs. Expanding export revenue, at a time of economic downturn, demonstrates just how well this sector is doing. The key challenge to the Isle of Man now is maintaining this success, and creating a modern, internationally accredited Food Park is the best way that the Isle of Man Government can back our successful exporters. ”

The Minister went on to say “It is accepted that there were to be teething problems with certain aspects of the site during the ongoing development but all the issues have been addressed or are being dealt with as they arise. This should, however, not detract from recent successes. This has been as a direct result of the higher standards now being operated at the Food Park, which includes security fencing and gates, which has in turn increased the customer base for our producers.”

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