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Isle of Man seeks new Head of e-Gaming 21 February 2013

The Isle of Man Department of Economic Development is advertising for a new Head of e-Gaming to help promote and maintain the Island as a centre of excellence in the rapidly growing e-gaming sector.

The Isle of Man’s Parliament, Tynwald, this week gave its approval to enable the Department to recruit for such positions outside of Civil Service constraints.

Chief Executive of the Department of Economic Development Chris Corlett commented:

"This is an exciting time for a highly talented individual to drive the further success of e-Gaming and to attract new inward investment. The creation of this role demonstrates Government’s commitment to the e-Gaming sector which now accounts for over 8% of the Isle of Man’s National Income and employs over 700 people."
"The Isle of Man is seen worldwide as a centre of excellence for e-gaming. The Department has worked closely with the private sector to develop a revised strategy for e-gaming which capitalises on the great potential for further growth in our economy, jobs and Government income. The new Head of e-Gaming will lead the implementation of this strategy and as such will enjoy a very high profile in the industry both on and off the Isle of Man."

Strategic analysis indicates that the Isle of Man is well-placed to see the e-gaming sector continue to grow significantly and to attract new inward investment that will both aid further job creation as well as continue to enhance the Isle of Man’s reputation in this sector.

The role is a non-Civil Service position and will be offered on a two year, fixed term basis. Remuneration will be negotiable based on the skills and experience of the individual and reward will be set against strict key performance indicators.

This new post is being funded from internal savings that the Department has achieved following a recent review into its structure which resulted in the removal of some managerial and administrative roles.

Details of the role can be found on and the closing date for applications is 5pm on Monday 11th March 2013.

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