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Electric Vehicles 26 February 2013

Electric Vehicle

The Manx Electricity Authority is backing Government policy in support of environmentally-friendly transport by adding three electric vehicles to its fleet.

The Peugeot iOns have been leased for three years at a reduced cost compared with total running costs of a comparative petrol or diesel car for a similar period. The cars will be used by customer services staff and by the home energy officer as part of Government’s ‘Bright Ideas’ energy saving initiative.

The MEA hopes to use more electric vehicles provided they remain economically viable and are fit for purpose.

The Government's business plan encourages Government Departments, Statutory Boards and Authorities to use environmentally-friendly vehicles, and act as a role model to encourage other Island based businesses and the general public to adopt "greener" modes of transportation. The MEA is also keen to demonstrate a proactive position as part of its corporate green agenda and has seized the opportunity to replace part of its commercial fleet with three electric vehicles.

The Peugeot iOn has a range of 93 miles and will take seven hours to charge from a normal domestic electricity supply. However the iOn also benefits from a fast charging capability which enables the lithium ion batteries to achieve an 80% charge in 30 minutes.. The vehicles will be charged at Ballacottier overnight, after a full day of operational; activities on the road.

Electric Vehicle

Chairman, Eddie Lowey MLC said, “This is positive small step into the “eco-friendly” world in which we are moving and we are pleased to be able to promote and utilise these low carbon vehicles within our fleet’.

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