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Seaside Shipping Ltd - Withdrawal of Petition of Doleance 8 March 2013

Withdrawal of Petition of Doleance

In September 2007 Seaside Shipping issued a Petition of Doleance which sought to challenge (amongst other things) the User Agreement entered into on 19 September 1995 between the Department of Transport (now the Department of Infrastructure) and the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company.

The Department wishes to advise that the Petition has been dismissed by consent of Seaside Shipping, the Department and the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company with Seaside Shipping paying contributions towards the costs of the Department and the Steam Packet.

Under the terms of the settlement agreement between the parties the fact of, but not the terms of, the settlement can be reported.

The Department is pleased that this long-standing issue has been resolved and Seaside Shipping now feels able to withdraw the Petition. In concluding the settlement agreement with Seaside, the Department sought advice in order to be reassured that the terms on offer were satisfactory.

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