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Health-e Directory needs more information 25 March 2013

Ahead of the Department of Health’s Health-e Directory launch in April, a further call is being made for information to add to this local directory of self-care advice and support networks. The Health-e Directory will provide an easily accessible location for information and links to advice and support available on the Island, a local ‘one stop shop’ for self-care and keeping healthy.

Minister for Health, David Anderson MHK, said:

“The wider use of internet technology to enhance healthcare along with enabling people to take responsibility for their own health, wellbeing and managing their self-care needs, are both key parts of the Department’s Strategy for the Future of Health Services.

“A large number of charitable and voluntary organisations and initiatives, along with government departments, are involved in providing care, advice and support in relation to health and wellbeing. Capturing this wealth of valuable information in a centralised format will help in directing the public to sources of advice and support. Being supported to self-care can benefit a person’s health enormously, so easy access to information and advice through the Health-e Directory is vital for both the public and healthcare professionals.”

Ann Corkill, Senior Nurse Self Care, said:

“We are looking to the public to provide as much information as possible about the whole range of services, charities, groups and meetings in relation to health and wellbeing that are provided across the island. Examples received so far range from charities and voluntary organisations to support groups and activity clubs. The Health-e Directory will be populated with relevant information received, which will improve access to self-care resources across the Island. If you can help by making an organisation, group or club you have links with aware of this initiative, or by providing information direct, your support and assistance will be much appreciated.”

Self-care is about people taking action to maintain their own good physical and mental health, meeting their social and psychological needs, preventing illness or accidents and caring more effectively for minor ailments and long-term conditions.

To submit information about self-care services and facilities available in the Isle of Man for inclusion in the Department’s web-based Health-e Directory, please complete an online form at

To receive a hard copy of the Health-e Directory submission form or for further information regarding self care, please contact Ann by telephoning 811830, or by emailing

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