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Upland Tracks 26 March 2013

The Department of Infrastructure has made the decision to keep the upland tracks which have been closed for the winter, closed for a further one month. The tracks which have been closed for the winter were due to reopen on 1st April, but will not now reopen until 1st May. Obviously some of these routes are also currently obstructed by snow.

The tracks which are presently closed for the winter are; Sky Hill, Narradale, Ballacobb/Slieu Curn, and the Slieu Curn Link. The Ballacuberagh track is also closed at the moment due to severe water damage, but it is anticipated that this will be reopened in the spring once repairs have been carried out.

The Department is going through a consultative process with various interest groups at the moment, about the future use of the upland tracks, and green lanes generally. The Department wishes to point out that the extension to the winter closures should in no way be taken to show that the outcome of the consultation has been decided, but it is hoped that the longer closure will give the tracks more time to dry out to protect them from damage.

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