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Fare Revisions 2 April 2013

Due to continuing increases in operational costs and budgetary restraints, bus fares are to be increased from Saturday 6th April, 2013.

This is the first increase since March 2011.

The increases to the adult single fares are:

50p to 60p (3 stop)

£1.00 to £1.10 (Band A)

£1.20 to £1.30 (Band B)

£1.80 to £1.90 (Band C)

£2.50 to £2.70 (Band D)

£2.90 to £3.10 (Band E)

£3.20 to £3.40 (Band F)

Child and Return fares increase in relation to the adult single fare increase.

With immediate effect from 2nd April the 12 journey Manx Rider tickets are to be increased to:

Fare Band B - £12.50

Fare Band C - £19.00

Fare Band D - £25.00

Fare Band E - £30.00

Fare Band F - £33.00

A new Fare Band A ticket is introduced at £11.00 (this for the new £1.10 fares).

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