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Important Safety Notice – Hoover Frost-Free Fridge Freezers 2 April 2013

The Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading wishes to make the public aware of an important safety notice issued by the appliance producer Hoover.

The safety notice relates to a specific batch of Hoover Frost Free Fridge Freezers produced between August 2011 and August 2012.

It has been identified that there is a possibility of a potential fault developing on the defrost heater element supplied to Hoover. Overheating can occur and in certain circumstances this could result in a fire.

The models affected are: HNC6185W, HNC6185A, HNC6200A, HNC6185WE, HNC6200WE and HNC6185AE.

The model number can be found behind the salad crisper drawer on the appliance rating plate:

Hoover rating plate

What you need to do:

Consumers who believe they have an affected model are asked to visit the website http://www.hoover.co.uk/safety-notice/ and enter your model name together with your product code and date code to verify whether your particular product is affected.

You can also call the Hoover service team on freephone 08081 780 516.

If after checking via the website or with the Hoover service team your appliance is confirmed to be at risk, please turn off your fridge freezer and do not use until it has been modified by a Hoover service technician. Please contact Hoover to arrange a free of charge modification that will be carried out in your home.

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