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Ushtey pushes Save-A-Flush 14 August 2003

The Water Authority have announced the latest initiative of their Don't Waste Water Campaign. Launched earlier this year with the support of 'Ushtey', their animated character, the Authority are actively encouraging people to use water wisely. A hosepipe restriction, limiting the use of hosepipes to between 6pm and 11pm, has been in place since 1st April.

For this latest initiative, the Authority have bought 10,000 Save-A-Flush bags for distribution to customers. Flushing the toilet accounts for about a third of all the water we use in our homes. By installing a special water saving device (Save-a-Flush) in the cistern, less water is wasted when you flush the toilet. The Save-A-Flush bags are perforated polythene bags containing swell gel granules. Save-a-Flush Bags are easy to fit and are a good way to save water in the home. When you flush, the Save-a-Flush bag displaces 1 litre of the water which would otherwise go down the pan.

Patrick Heaton-Armstrong, Water Authority Chief Executive said,

"Our Don't Waste Water Campaign forms part of a strategy being put in place to cover the next couple of years to minimize the risk of water shortages and water quality problems. The situation has been exacerbated by the Authority's failure to gain planning permission for the new works in Douglas. Installing one Save-A-Flush bag in a single toilet could save 2,000 gallons of water per year - the equivalent of 35,000 cups of tea".

"I'm sure everyone will realise that because we have to continue to use the 70 year old treatment works at Glencrutchery we are not able to guarantee squeezing any more water out of it. This means that we are asking for people's assistance in making the best use of the water we are able to treat and that means we must all use the available water wisely. We must save water where ever we can".

Until the new facilities are commissioned, starting with Sulby in 2005/2006, it is vital that our water supply is conserved for essential purposes such as washing and drinking. Every little bit conserved by customers will help, so the whole population is being urged not to waste water and help the Authority to provide adequate supplies of potable water.

Whilst the Authority appreciate that gardens need to be looked after during the summer, they are asking customers to resist the temptation of using their hosepipes and use a watering can or water from a water butt instead - look out for the vouchers in IOM Newspapers. A restriction on the use of hosepipes, which can only be used between 6pm-11pm, has been in force since 1st April and the Authority would like to remind customers that failure to observe these restrictions could result in a fine of up to 1,000.

The Water Authority are pleased to offer a 'Save-a-Flush' free to customers. If you would like further information or assistance or to order these bags then please contact the Authority's Customer Services Manager, Mr Chris Wilson, tel 695999.

Please note that the bags should not be opened and any granules should be kept away from children and animals.

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