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Lord of the Rings Coins 3 September 2003

The Treasury is delighted to announce that John Rhys-Davies, the actor who portrays Gimli the Dwarf in the immensely popular Lord of the Rings trilogy of films, will attend the Island's Minters, Pobjoy Mint Ltd, Kingswood, Surrey on Wednesday 3rd September to launch a spectacular series of coins which show many of the main characters from the films including the character he plays himself. John Rhys-Davies is a resident of the Island and as such it is most fitting that he should strike the first coin.

This series of official legal tender coins bearing the usual image of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse, will be available in a range of different metals and sizes.

The centrepiece of the series will be a 24 carat Gold Proof Set of 5 coins each portraying a different character from the film: Gandalf, Gimli, Legolas, Aragorn and Frodo. These five coins will be available in a special presentation box as a limited edition together with a replica of the "Ring That Binds Them All". A single design is also being produced in Crown size Sterling Silver and Cupro Nickel which depicts all nine members of the "Fellowship of the Ring" along with the portraits of Arwen and Galadriel.

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