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Ambulance Service Goes Green and White 13 September 2003

From 1 September 2003 there is a new corporate image for the Isle Of Man Ambulance and Patient Transport Service. This change of image was initiated by the staff themselves and will enhance and promote their professional image by bringing them into line with the majority of their United Kingdom counterparts. The new uniform of green trousers and white shirts embroidered with a new distinctive green/gold logo will complement the existing yellow/green outerwear which is already a familiar sight to members of the public

1 September 2003 also saw the opening of an additional ambulance station in the Isle of Man at Port Erin. The new Ambulance Station will mirror the service already provided in the north of the Island at Ramsey, by providing 24 hour cover in the south. The new station will be manned by 10 qualified members of staff, using two emergency ambulances and a first responder vehicle.

A steady rise in demand for ambulance services in the South of the Island has been monitored closely and this, together with the service's commitment to improve upon their already good record of responding to incidents within eight minutes, make the new Southern Ambulance Station a strategic necessity.

Michael Whiteside, Chief Ambulance Officer commented on the changes, saying that with regard to the new uniform, he was delighted that the staff played an active role in its design and procurement as it makes good managerial sense to listen and react to the needs of staff. On the matter of the new station, he hoped that the southern community of the Island would find comfort in the fact that they now have this facility and that the staff manning the station in Port Erin, some of whom live in the area, would become as familiar and relied upon as the local Police Officers.

Mike Whiteside also remarked that the Ambulance and Patient Transport Service would maintain and hopefully build upon its relationship with the Rushen Emergency Ambulance Service who have for many years provided an excellent volunteer service in the south of the Island.

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