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Broadband Subsidy Extended 3 October 2003

On the 1st of September this year Manx Telecom Ltd. began its "Wires-Only" ADSL service, this was launched to sit alongside their already offered managed service to both domestic and business customers. In addition, the Communications Commission has approved the use of the 3.4Ghz band by Domicilium to provide Public Fixed Wireless Access (PFWA) and the use of 28GHz by Manx Telecom.

In light of these new services, the Department of Trade and Industry has taken the opportunity to extend its subsidy scheme to include new connections to these broadband services. The Department will provide a subsidy directly to Manx Telecom or Domicilium to provide the connection and in the case of wires only ADSL the first three months line rental, for both domestic and business customers. The current subsidy already in place for the fully managed service will continue to operate alongside the new subsidy.

DTI Chief Executive, Chris Corlett, said:

"The Isle of Man Government has taken a proactive strategy to encourage the use of broadband technology, funding 3,000 connections in the last 2 years alone, placing the Island at the international forefront of broadband usage. We recognise that embracing technology is critical to increasing the Island's competitiveness and commercial reach in an increasingly global economy. Wires-only ADSL and Wireless broadband are logical next steps, so I am delighted to confirm our support for these initiatives."

Manx Telecom Managing Director, Chris Hall, said:

"We are delighted that the Isle of Man Government is continuing to offer such positive support to everyone who is looking to upgrade their Internet experience and improve efficiency and effectiveness in their businesses. We are pleased to be able to play our part through the investment which is being made to upgrade the remaining telephone exchanges on the Island in order to make ADSL broadband available to around 98% of homes and business premises, this figure is a long way ahead of the UK and Eire."

Jon Allen Managing Director of Domicilium commented:

"We are very pleased to not only participate in the provision of innovative ADSL services but also be able to offer our new cost effective wireless broadband services within this scheme. There is no doubt the support from the DTI is a significant enabler for individuals and companies and we look forward significant take up when we launch our 3.4Ghz wireless product range."

The "wires-only" subsidy will operate from the 1st October 2003. It will apply to all new connections for one connection per household. The subsidy will not apply if an applicant has already been in receipt of a previous subsidy for ADSL connection.

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