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New Bike Track 4 October 2003

Douglas Corporation is seeking planning permission to create much-needed open space to serve the Farmhill and Anagh Coar areas of the borough.

The aim is to free land at Ballaughton Nurseries where a children's bike track can be created. The local authority has also been liaising with the Department of Transport with a view to extending the existing cycle path.

Chairman of the leisure services committee, Councillor Lynda Ramsay said: 'This would be a lockable area, like the glen for example, so that we can minimise vandalism and nuisance to nearby homes. Children in this area need somewhere safe to ride their bikes and we're hoping the scheme can be completed for next year.

'There is a lack of open space in the Farmhill and Anagh Coar areas and we believe this is a really good community project that will go a long way to addressing that issue.'

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